How We Price

The price of your job is based on the amount of junk we remove. The best way for us to offer you the lowest, most accurate price, no obligation estimate at your home or business. All prices include labor, tax, dumping fees so no hidden charges.

We offer Three different ways to get an estimate or firm price.

For our full service junk hauling, we offer up to 3 different ways to get an estimate or firm price. The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price, no obligation on site estimate. When we are on-site, we can see most exactly what the job will require. This helps us give you an immediate, accurate, and fair price for your junk removal job. When you’re happy with the price, in most cases we will complete the job right then and there.

If you can take a photo of your items, text us at 0220334410, and we will text you back an estimate. If your items are in different locations on your property, you can send us multiple photos and we will be able to provide you with an estimate. Please note an estimate is not a firm price. Our truck teams will give you a firm, no obligation price on-site.

You can fill an online application form on our website and attached photos and we will give you the estimate price.

Finally, you can call our customer service 0800-256-423 representatives. If you have 4 items or less, in many cases we will be able to offer you a firm price. If you have 4 items or more, we can offer you an estimate range at the call center.

Email :
Phone Number : 0800-256-423
Phone Number : 0220-334-410